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The UNLR Second Annual Town Hall Community Gathering

LOWER ROXBURY, MA –The UNLR would like to invite you to our second annual Town Hall Community Gathering.  Our mission, since 1971, is to promote economic, civic, and social engagement and to improve the quality of life of the Lower Roxbury community and beyond.

What does United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury, Inc. mean to you?  We are building sustainable affordable housing, community space, micro business and green space, for this community.

Gretchen L. Flippin Jackson

United Neighbors Of Lower Roxbury History & Vision

United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury [UNLR] is resolved and determined to keep, maintain, and develop the land, it currently owns, in perpetuity, for the benefit of its friends and neighbors, who have remained committed to the purpose of providing a community haven for the diversity that is the Lower Roxbury community.  Ms. Gretchen Flippin Jackson, seen in picture above, wisely negotiated and purchased of the land at 90 Windsor Street on behalf of UNLR, nearly 40 years ago.  The time to develop it, is now.  UNLR, from its inception nearly 50 years ago, is an organization of neighbors and community members working together to protect and benefit their neighborhood and homes, first by stopping a highway expansion that would decimate Lower Roxbury in 1971 and now, to maintain and keep intact a neighborhood community under attack through the gentrification process.

unlr video image

Neighborhood Network News Interviews UNLR!

Neighborhood Network News [NNN] Anchor Chris Lovett interviews UNLR‘s Board Treasurer Ricardo Louis about the history, present and future of UNLR.  Ricardo shares the details of United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury’s 2nd Annual Town Hall Community Gathering on Saturday, August 25, 2018 from 12pm – 3pm at 90 Windsor Street,Roxbury, MA.

Lower Roxbury